Monday, March 27, 2017

The Bad Roommate

So's been awhile!

I have hair and perky boobs.  Life is good.  Very good.

My body is still healing from surgery in some ways, but is starting to feel more normal.

My breast surgeon changed me to yearly clinical exams and I'm only seeing my oncologist every 6 months.

This means at some point in the very near future I may not be seeing a doctor every month or more for some sort of cancer related issue.  As much as I love my doctors I can do without appointments if I'm don't need to go.

I've also moved past the whole cancer a a very scary monster, which it is.  However it's hard to live with that staring you in the face everyday.

So I'm choosing to view my cancer history as a bad roommate.  Yes, we've lived together.  No we don't get along.  But we both have a life time lease on the same body, so we'll coexist and only speak when we have to.

I've had my share of bad roomies.  There was my first roommate in college, who ironed her underwear and had a very loud ticking wind up alarm clock (ok.. it was 1981).  That damn clock used to keep me awake until one night our next door neighbor took it apart and removed a spring.  We all found it quite funny when Helen couldn't figure out what had happened to her clock.  If you're out there Helen...I'm sorry.

Learning to live with my cancer hopefully, in the background isn't easy.  But I'm not giving a bad roommate anymore of my time.